3 Nali Flat Land in Suryagaon, Bhimtal

For Sale

2 months ago

3 Nali and 4 Mutthi land for sale in Suryagaon, Bhimtal. The land is best suitable for residential villas, farmhouses, holiday homes, resorts, and cottages. 1 Nali is equal to 2160 sqft (Find more about Land Measurement in Uttarakhand Here) You’ll get a valley view and flat land in a single step. No development cost. …<p class="read-more"> <a class="" href="https://kumaonplanner.com/property/3-nali-flat-land-in-suryagaon-bhimtal/"> <span class="screen-reader-text">3 Nali Flat Land in Suryagaon, Bhimtal</span> Read More »</a></p>

7,020 SqFt
6 Nali Land in Bhimtal Lake View

For Sale

6 Nali Land in Bhimtal Lake View near TRC Bhimtal. The property is connected from two side road including highway connectivity. Best purpose is for Hotel, Homestay, Cottages, Resorts, etc. Best Lake View Property available in Bhimtal. Per Nali price is INR 35L negotiable on table.

12,960 SqFt
45 Nali Land for Sale in Farsoli, Bhimtal

For Sale

3 months ago

45 Nali Land for Sale in Pharsoli, Bhimtal. Mountain View land for sale in Bhimtal at a very reasonable price. The property is located near the Fruitage factory. The property is available at walking distance about 20 meters from the parking. Two vehicles can be reached on the property. Single-owner property for sale. Call for …<p class="read-more"> <a class="" href="https://kumaonplanner.com/property/45-nali-land-for-sale-in-farsoli-bhimtal/"> <span class="screen-reader-text">45 Nali Land for Sale in Farsoli, Bhimtal</span> Read More »</a></p>

97,200 SqFt
12 nali lake view land for sale in bhimtal

For Sale

5 months ago

12 nali double lake view land for sale in Bhimtal.

25,000 SqFt
Land for Sale in Pasoli Haidakhan Temple road

For Sale

6 months ago

4 nali road touch land for sale in Pasoli, Haidakhan Temple Road. 10 km far from The Kathgodam Railway Station.

8,200 SqFt